Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Feasting over the famine

A writer's life is feast or famine and right now I am at the feast..I have no much work now that it is soothing me a little bit when I think of our financial statements (and no, none of the money is going anywhere but the bank or CDs.) That is the plus--two huge magazine pieces from two magazines I haven't yet written for, lots of freelance writing work, two great new manuscript mentoring clients, two UCLA classes plus designing a readings seminar for them (I love UCLA.)  The minus is I am crunched for time for my novel and so I get a little cranky, I need a few more red velvet or chocolate marshmallow cupcakes from Sweet down the street, I need Jeff and friends to tell me, "You can do this, you can do this..." 

But can I? I am so sleep deprived that this morning, I snoozed through the alarm, slept through Jeff getting Max ready for school, and then woke only to announce that I was going back to sleep.  Then I was getting up looking for Jeff and saw him sleeping and then went back to sleep only to realize that I had never gotten up in the first place, that it was all this exhausted and very realistic dream.

Are there enough hours in the day? I know the feast won't last and I should enjoy it while it is here, but, but, but I need to give my family attention!  I need to get attention myself! I need to work on my new novel! Plus, I have a tiny splinter in my foot from padding on our wood floors barefoot and no one seems to be able to get it out (A prize for advice on how to successfully remove it). 


Clea Simon said...

Well, I wouldn't tell you to enjoy it - since this kind of feast is too fast and furious to enjoy (and besides, I know you miss working on your novel!). But go for it, kiddo. You CAN do it - and then you can bank some bucks and get back to your REAL work, and not worry so much, say, in January when freelance always dries up!

Katharine Weber said...

Soak your foot for an endless amount of time first, and use a sterilized very sharp thin needle to poke the splinter out from the other end while tugging it with tweezers. I wish I could come and help you with this, it is one of my gifts!