Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pre Palin interview and writing when it is easy

I'm very anxious about the Palin debate. Will people feel sorry for her? Will she have a microphone hidden in her hair that feeds her the answers to difficult questions like "What magazines do you read?" Every time I start to feel hopeful, I remember the last two elections and something freezes inside of me

Meanwhile I had a lunch with two writers I know and I blurted out that I was worried because after struggling for months on a novel that was branching out in all sorts of messy and complex ways, I broke away one of the twigs and suddenly, IT became a novel which seems to be writing itself. I question it every hour. If it is this easy, does it mean that it is facile? If the characters seem to be developing themselves does it mean that I am bastardizing my own past work and not digging deeply enough? Is this a state of creative grace or am I fooling myself?

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Jeff Lyons said...


I have a theory... next to typing... the biggest job a writer has in the writing process is getting the hell out of the way!

Isn't a book that writes itself what we all want? Maybe not like in that Twilight episode where it a book wrote itself literally and killed the writer... but you know what I mean.

Are you maybe infusing some old stuff into it? Rewriting yourself? Maybe. Who cares. You can always go back and undo that crap.

Congrats that you got out of the way. Enjoy the ride.

J :)