Saturday, October 25, 2008

Zombie Nation! Step One!

Here is a try-out of my costume as a zombie writer! I have a bloody t-shirt and bloody ripped jeans and I need to add more blood and stitches here and there, but I do like the slash across my neck. Hope I don't scare the kids! Jeff is going as Joe the Plumber with a T-shirt that we made that says: WE FIX LEAKS, DRIPS AND ELECTIONS! CALL 1-800-PALIN-NO! Max is a headless horseman, which is a v ery difficult and complicated costume.

What can I say, I never grew up and I never will.

Now, where's the fresh HUMAN MEAT AROUND HERE?

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Jeff Lyons said...


Boy... when you say put blood on the page... I guess you mean it.