Friday, October 3, 2008

What, is she ranting AGAIN?

Sigh and alas.

1. She wants to have more power as Vice President, like Dick Cheney. Gee, we saw how brilliantly that worked out.
2. She says she isn't going to answer questions, but will talk about what she wants to talk about--and she didn't and she did.
3. She pronounced nuclear Nuke ya lar.
4. She used Reagan's name and his "there ya go" phrase.
5. She didn't really answer the questions.
6. She mugged for the camera.
7. She mentioned Guilliani and Lieberman with reverence.

I'm just happy the numbers are showing Obama way ahead, but I am still wary.

And I cannot sleep...

However, Jeff just cheered me up with Paliln Bingo.


Clea Simon said...

And she kept using the word "tapped," which made me think she (or her handlers, more likely) wanted everyone to think of her as a MILF.

Gina Sorell said...

Clea I laughed so hard when she said "tapped" just know all the yahoo's at home were thinking...yeah I'd like to tap that.

I agree Caroline, it was not a debate. It was a mindless, mugging, aw shucks, guess I'm an outsider, regular gal...stumping. And it made me drink Tequila.

Clea Simon said...

I was mashing up some butternut squash for dinner when in her first answer she said something about "Saturday soccer games." I screamed and almost threw a spoonful of mashed squash at the TV. Then I realized that I was in my own house, it was my TV, and I really like mashed butternut squash and didn't want to waste it on her.