Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dangerous times and tarot

Every once in a while I pull a tarot card for myself and it's always somehow appropriate. I have been feeling so out-of-myself and hopeless and ill at ease that this card sort of says it all. I'm grateful it isn't the card where the woman is sitting up in bed with her hands over her face while many swords hang on the wall over her. This, the 9 of pentangles, means out of myself and not showing it. At least to me.

The solution is to write, to dig deeper, to grab at hope and to be very, very grateful for what I do have. Tomorrow, Clea Simon and I are going to switch and write another essay on each other's blogs, this time bout our thousand words a day plan and how it is (or isn't working.) We decided that thinking about writing, plotting, outlining also counts, since it is work--and sometimes is the hardest, fiercest kind of work.


Jeff Lyons said...


I know I come off sounding like a know-it-all sometimes... but I actually do know something about the Tarot. :)

I'd like to give you an alternative view of this card... just to consider.

In most decks this card corresponds to the Hermit or Crone. Which is about wisdom (not about being old). Since this is pentacles it's about Earth energy, which is a metaphor for the following qualities: knowing, known and unknown, physical space and time, about the material world, about the illusion, about the possible. When you talk about any cards related to pentacles you are working with these qualities (energies) related to the physical... i.e., YOU.

So... This card is about inner wisdom/inner knowing about something related to your physical aspects... maybe health... maybe not. And it relates to the wise part of you... the part who knows more than you give yourself credit for, sometimes. So, it is about you and the world (not emotion, not mental process, not creativity) but it might be about creation (vs creativity... two different things)and manifestation.

You might be onto something about how you describe it though.. being disconnected, outside yourself... some piece not grounded (that's the earth part). It's hard to know more without context of the question you are asking or other cards... it could also be about (and this is the hit I get)... this is the resonance, the aspect of self if you will, that you might want to get more in touch with now so move past your doubt and "lack of knowing" regarding your process. Again, the hit I get is you know more than you want to admit (own) and you don't really have to look any farther than a little piece of cardboard with a pretty picture on it. The answer's in your hand. :)

But... thought I'd throw in my two cents. I studied this stuff for a long time and have a lot of experience with this stuff... so

Clea Simon said...

Thanks, Jeff, for posting that! I used to know my cards - used to read them regularly,but I've forgotten most of it and was about to look up this card again to reassure Caroline. Another thing to remember: the cards show possibilities and challenges. What are you facing? What should you be thinking about?