Sunday, October 19, 2008

movie moment

You know those movie cliches? The guy goes into the dark basement and you know something awful is going to happen? Well, I became a movie cliche today. I was the woman who was so upset there was nothing else to do but get the scissors and lob off my hair. I grabbed big hanks of soaking wet hair and yup, I took off four inches--I still have a long mane of hair, so maybe I am not QUITE the movie cliche, (I have had very short hair only twice in my life. In second grade when I had a cut called shingles of all things, and after I was very sick when my hair fell out and grew back) but it was the same moment--the silver scissors glinting, the emotional roil, the hair falling into the sink. Gasp!

Sigh. I miss those four inches. But at least the drama moment is gone, along with the hair. Hair grows back quickly, though, right?


Clea Simon said...

it will grow and be healthier for the trim! But what got you into such a state?

Gina Sorell said...

I only dream of doing this...and then remember that if I took 4 inches off my hair...I would have an afro!

Next time just eat a whole chocolate cake :)

But not to worry, it will grow!

G :)