Friday, October 10, 2008

What I did Today (and what I didn't)

Yep, I did my thousand words on my novel which I am thinking of calling WAKE (as in awake or is AWAKE better? Wake seems more like a command to me, which I like. I think I am entering the single name of titles. Breathe, Wake...) and then, as these ripped up pages will show, I worked on my script. I can hardly read my own handwriting on these pages, and some of the notes, for some odd reason, l are written on a press release I wrote for someone else's book. Besides this, I:

1. Agonized about the 20,000 that flew the coop from one of our money-markets and did the "do I take the money out and put it into treasury bills or leave it in to recoup" dance.
2. Worried about the increasing ire going on in the McCain campaign. When someone yells, "Kill him?" when Obama's (or anyone's) name is mentioned, that is frightening, no?
3. Made myself feel better by remembering the visuals--sleek, calm young Obama with his foot casually perched on the chair vs. old-looking angry McCain who doddered around the stage as if he were lost and could not bend at the knee. Of course, the issues are important, but visuals count, too.
4. Gathered things for the great Hoboken Clothing Swap. Every year, sometimes twice, the women of Hoboken gather in a huge loft with all the clothes they don't really want anymore. We are talking leather jackets in pristine condition, wool winter coats with a five figure price tag. Silk shirts with nary a scratch on them. (these are chic, high profile women.) You can bring in clothes to swap or nothing, and you can take as much as you want. There is wine and sometimes pastries and the women who come are really smart and interesting and last time I got a black leather jacket, a new black winter coat, a silk shirt for my sister, a denim jacket and a velvet skirt. Plus, I had a blast talking to all these interesting women. Even better, since I have eclectic tastes, most of what I want, no one else does, and most of what everyone else wants, really would look funny on me. (Think red spandex or very tight tops). So it all works out beautifully.

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Gina Sorell said...

Great picture! I am about to start tackling my outlines. This generally involves list making and brainstorming but it is still necessary as I have written my way to the end of the road organically and now it would help to know where it is I am going next.

As for that clothing swap...I wish I could go! My super stylish neighbor downstairs and I sometimes swap. I am pretty sure she gives me all the stuff that she thinks is just way too boring and I give her my "who was I kidding when I bought this hipster outfit?" She's cool and can get away with anything, and I like sleeves, and cardigans, and slacks. Yup, I called them slacks, so there ya go.