Thursday, October 30, 2008

In times of stress, KNIT

Waiting for the election and worrying through the financial crisis is enough to make me live on cupcakes.  I am so stressed that I have decided to knit quick projects that are done quickly so I can have that old satisfaction of a job well done.

I cannot make fingers on gloves, though God knows I have tried. The stitches fall off the double pointed needles, or I pick up an extra stitch by mistake, and really, both the yarn and I end up weeping.

BUT I discovered these very cool mitts which are such a snap to make that I am going to embroider something funky on them and give a pair as a gift (and keep one for myself.) So the question is, what do I embroider? The word WARM in a pale blue yarn? A star in the center? (I still haven't quit finished these, which is why there is a thread of yarn here and there, but it is black wool with a ton of cashmere.  Wonder how long before I lose them?)

In back, by the way is the greatest thing a writer could ask for--a couch in her office for cat naps inbetween chapters.   AND my very own copy machine to the right!


Jeff Lyons said...


Would you knit me a long NYC scarf? I'll even pay you.

J :)

Clea Simon said...

oh, these are great!! How about HOLD on one hand and FAST on the other (like in oh, that Russell Crowe British Navy movie), or what did Robert Mitchum have tattooed on his hands? Good/Evil? Nah, should be pure good -- A star and a sun? THough I like the idea of "Warm," too!

Caroline said...

Hold Fast is excellent! And Jeff, check your mail.

The Mitchum movie, Night of the Hunter had LOVE HATE, so that might be a little too out for me...but Hold Fast, or Hold tight, I like both of them a lot!

Cari said...

I had every intention of making an embroidery suggestion, but the idea went right out of my head when I spotted that couch for cat naps between chapters. naps...