Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New lives for old books! Thrilled that Dzanc rEprint series is reprinting my backlist!

 Dzanc Books rEprint is an innovative new publishing venture by the genius Dan Wickett, dedicated to publishing great works of contemporary literature in e-book formats. I'm honored to be chosen as one of the authors for this, along with Jane Ciabattari's Stealing the Fire, Robert Coover's The Public Burning, my friend Abby Frucht's Life Before Death (and more), Gina Frangello's My Sister's Continent, Ellen Gilchrist's The Age of Miracles --and so many more.

My titles should be available this September, and I hope you'll take a look! Here's the lowdown:


My first novel, which actually made me a sensation (but then, of course, my next four publishers went out of business.) About sisters, Boston suburbia, madness and love.

"Leavitt's writing shows feeling and authority."
Boston Globe

"Leavitt is a deft writer who brings a nice, wry specificity to the most incidental description."
New York Times Book Review

"Like Judith Guest's Ordinary People, Meeting Rozzy Halfway shows us the dark side of upper-middle-class American family life. Underlying both of these stories is the same desire to get at the heart of what happens between siblings and also between parents and the complex messages exchanged within the family organism."
Washington Post Book Word.

"This novel is, in a word, excellent. Leavitt is a wonderfully imaginative and compassionate writer. Her characters are rich and her voice is strong."
Publisher's Weekly (starred review)


About love, rebellion and need, between a mother who may or may not be psychic, and her troubled daughter.

"Her book describes nothing less than the lifelong struggle between mother and daughter for love, independence and identity. Leavitt has already found her subject–the irrevocably tangled lines that bind every family together and she has staked out a territory of her own."
The Washington Post

"Strong and memorable characters. Excellent!"
The Los Angeles Times


For three whole days, Madonna considered this one for her directorial debut! A young wife and mother abandons her husband and newborn baby to slide into a new, dark life.

"Tells a riveting story beautifully."
New York Daily News

"Fresh and vivid language."
Baltimore Sun

"Leavitt has a wonderful insight into interpersonal relationships and writes in a style similar to that of Anne Tyler and Jane Smiley, capturing the rich complexities of everyday life."
Library Journal

"An emotional roller coaster...the story accelerates towards an inevitable, but somehow unpredictable crescendo. It is gut wrenching and engrossing."
Gainesville Sun


After the precipitous deaths of his doting parents, Nick Austen grows up in a home for boys. When he finds his first love, Dore, he settles into domestic bliss. But when another tragedy occurs, he struggles to protect himself against further loss by creating a powerful second, secret family, which could ensure his survival--or his demise.

"A good read and a fine novel."
Boston Sunday Globe

"The characters are true and their feelings are significant. Ms. Leavitt makes it impossible not to risk all our emotional involvement."
The Atlanta Journal & Constitution

"There is no denying this author's talents. Leavitt has a wonderful understanding of the minutiae that characterizes relationships."
New York Times Book Review

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