Wednesday, November 5, 2008


These four and a half pairs of fingerless gloves (one I started to decorate) prove my anxiety level all day yesterday! I was so nervous I couldn't work and knitting seemed very zen to me. 

I am so relieved and so hopeful.  Smart won over fearful. Hopeful over negative. Cheers over boos. I am exhausted and we are going out to breakfast to celebrate this whole new world.  

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Clea Simon said...

I took a call from a Canadian filmmaker yesterday (not related to the election - she's working on a film about people and their cats!) and I realized I was so scattered that I could barely talk. She said that up there they were watching the election very carefully and I told her I couldn't wait to see if we would rejoin the world again. AND WE DID! WE DID! WE DID!

Thank you everyone for voting, volunteering, sending in money, wearing your hearts on your bumpers, telling your friends, blogging, etc. WE DID IT!