Monday, November 3, 2008



Vote tomorrow. 

Vote early in case some one tries to stop you or the machines don't work properly.

Vote because after 8 years of Bush we cannot have 4 years of McCain and certainly not 4 years of Palin.

Vote because we have a chance of something truly historic happening tomorrow.

Vote because it could be the chance of real change.

Vote because it is time to stop the "damn those elitists who think they are better than we are" sort of talk. And I'm also tired of people giving my beloved NYC a bad rap. If you ask me, WE are the real Americans, a melting pot of every nationality and group right here on the city streets, and we all get along and no one would even think of asking someone what church they go to.  (OK, maybe I don't want to include Guiliani)

Vote because we believe in science and women's rights and gay rights and because we don't believe in golden parachutes for billionaires.

Vote because it matters. Vote because if Obama does not win, you will hear my heart shattering all across the Globe, and if you thought I cried hard when Bush won, well, then....


Mary Q said...

On every single point, Caroline, I could NOT agree with you more! I'm sitting here practically holding my breath and am afraid that every minute during this pivotal day is going to feel like an hour. Maybe reading will be a distraction -- if I can just concentrate. ARRRGGGH! This is agony!

Caroline said...

Mary, I can't do anything today. I am sitting staring at the computer and thinking about baking bread just to knead it and get the rage out. It's awful, isn't it?

Clea Simon said...

I'm phone banking from home this morning, calling people in Florida with their polling-place info. Just got one woman who told me, "I'm not voting cause there ain't gonna be no change till Jehovah comes."


But I got a bunch of "already voteds" including one 90 year old woman!

Clea Simon said...

Hey - you can still do something! I was sitting here feeling helpless, and then I opened up one of those Obama phone-call emails. They let you download numbers and a script. Basically at this point, I'm getting answering machines and "already voteds" (I chose to call Florida). But you can tell the answering machines where their polling place is and thank them for voting - and hey, maybe you'll get someone out!

Email me if you don't have the email about how to get a list of phone numbers (they give you the script and all the info too - easy peasy)