Thursday, November 6, 2008

Caroline is a big baby and doesn't feel well

Family portrait done with photobooth mirror...if I look wan and washed out, it is because I AM.

It's all that anxiety from the election, and being run-down, and overworked and not exactly taking the best of care of myself but driving myself to do more, be more, etc. etc.

I feel terrible. Achey. Fluish. Coldish. Warmish. Nightmarish. (Well, now I am getting a tad dramatic.)

Lots of tea, knitting, videos, books, Life on Mars--and so much gratitude that I work at home so I can slink around in my pajamas and so grateful, too, that Jeff works at home so he can go down the block and bring me back soup.

And if you think this is keeping me from going to the Chocolate Show tomorrow night, you are mistaken. The Chocolate Show in Manhattan is held in a huge space and all these master chocolate makers from all over the world arrive in droves.  It is, of course, crowded and loud.  There are chocolates that go for $50 a square, hot chocolate, chocolate licquers, coffees and wines, and dresses made of chocolate, too.  Chocolate demonstrations.  Chocolate talks.  And FREE SAMPLES.  Tons of them!  We were tipped off to bring plastic baggies for the samples.  The air is so loaded with chocolate that you can easily get sugar shocked.

And on the other news front, we are about to be an all mac family.  Max's computer, an odious Dell which has never run right, has had one problem after another.  We all loathe Vista, but the folks at Dell said we cannot get rid of it unless we want to pay an extra $250 to put back XP. This machine is only a year old. After being on the phone with Dell technicians who say things like ,"There is nothing else we can do for you," we are fed up. Of course, I am still a bit of a bigamist because besides my beloved iMac, I keep my ex, my Dell, just in case I need a spare. 

What can I tell you.  I'm insecure.


Clea Simon said...

chocolate will make you feel better!

But what's with Dell? WTF?

Unknown said...


Just getting caught up on your blog entries, Caroline. Glad you've been feeling better in the days since you posted this one. I'm officially craving chocolate at 8:30 in the morning now -- thanks for that! ;) And yay for Obama!

By the way, I'm toying with the idea of getting a Mac. Any time I have doubts about this, I remind myself of your extreme love for yours and figure it must be worth it. So I may be joining the Mac club soon...

Take care.