Tuesday, November 18, 2008

File under Don't I Wish

This is a wonderful, very real looking issue of the New York Times, which lists stories like "Bush indicted for high treason", "Troops come home from Iraq immediately." "Health Care Bill passed," and more.  ALL the links work, and it really makes you feel that Utopia is still just out of reach.

It's snowing. Or it was.  Max is delighted and Jeff and I are sort of staring out the window critically.

And on other news, does anyone else think it is disgusting and grossly unfair and ridiculous that Sarah Palin is getting a book deal worth 7 million?Please don't buy this book, because then she will write (I mean her ghostwriter will)  another, and since we already have Ann 666 Coulter and Bill 666 O'Reilly writing, do we really need another painfully crazy voice in the fray.  Would I ghostwrite her book? Not for a hundred million.

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Unknown said...

Ooh, that NY Times thing is awesome! Thanks for the link. And don't worry, Sarah Palin's not getting a dime of support out of me!