Sunday, November 30, 2008


Milk is an extraordinary film--and an important one. In an age where Sarah Palin dares to say that the true America is the "little pockets, the small towns, where everyone is the same" which, in her way of thinking and speaking, seems like her particular code words for intolerance, a film likes this explores and challenges prejudice.  Penn is astonishing, the movie is heartscorching, and the lines were around the block an hour before show time.

 My friend David Gardner illustrated a kids' book about Milk, written by Kari Krakow.  It was on my couch when Max came into my office, saw the book and snapped it up.  He was engrossed and when he finished, he was full of great questions.  It was actually Max who saw the ad for the film and gasped, "Oh! I have to see this!"  Not only did he sit gripped through the movie, but afterwards, he asked all sorts of questions, in particular: Why would anyone care whom someone loved? Isn't love a good thing?

Max doesn't see color or sexuality (but he does see kindness and intolerance). His school is diverse, plus we live in the NYC area, which is as mixed as you can get.  For me, this is the real America.  Or it should be.

The Harvey Milk Story got a rave Kirkus (they called it "a significant contribution") and David will be signing books in Santa Fe, Dec 12 and 13th at Devargas Mall 6, following the 7 showing of the film, which is a benefit for the Human Rights Alliance.


Gina Sorell said...

This is so great. A really important book and a really important film!

Good for Max. Good for you guys...teaching love, acceptance and kindness.

When my own 5 year old nephew plainly says, "I'm going to my friend Jonas's house, he has two mom's," if it is the most normal thing in the world... it gives me hope.

Susan said...

Oh, I can't wait to see it!