Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Chocolate Show

Yes, this is Obama rendered in chocolate.  The Chocolate Show, held by the Piers this Year, was ..well delicious.  We trundled down, even though I am sick and the place was actually not too crowded.  (Usually, it is a zoo.) We sampled enough chocolate to be sick (I am partial to lemon dark chocolate and white chocolate with apricots and pecans and chiles) and bought some outrageously expensive hot chocolate and something called a firecracker bar--dark chocolate with chile that somehow fizzes when you eat it.  Yes, I know it sounds childish, but it was delicious. 

Now I am hunkered down nursing a cough and a cold and wondering...doesn't dark chocolate have medicinal value and don't I owe it to myself to eat half a bar of it right this moment even though I haven't had breakfast yet?


Gina Sorell said...

Great picture!! The chocolate sounds delicious. I love dark chocolate, especially black currant or mint dark chocolate!

Feel better...I am sending you some soup recipes.

Clea Simon said...

Half a chocolate bar IS breakfast, Caroline! Well, actually, a full chocolate bar is breakfast.

Feel better!