Sunday, November 9, 2008

Caroline is a big baby about being sick, part two

I am still a big baby and still sick, and there are some pros among the cons.  First the cons.

1. I feel like a giant squid is living inside of me.
Aches, coughing, lungs in shaky shape, drippy nose, headache.  Even my hair hurts.  (Whenever I get sick, my hair feels wrong on my head.  It's the one time I have to stuff it into a braid otherwise I feel like hitting it.)
2. A sweater I finished knitting looks like *&^%$#.
Wrong size. Fits stupidly.  Looks horrible.  Hate the color, too. Of course this has nothing to do with being sick, but I want to blame it on the illness anyway.
3. I have to go to a funeral tomorrow. I'm supporting a friend I love, but not being able to physically do more for him makes being sick hard.

Now, the pros:
1. Reading for pleasure. 
Every month I read just about my weight in books to see what I am going to review for either The Boston Globe, Dame or something assigned to me for People. But when I'm sick, I get to dip into the pile of books I want to read, titles which somehow won't work for review, for one reason or another--or I don't know yet whether I will review them. Oh what bliss!  I read three novels yesterday, and ended up loving two so much I AM reviewing them, which means I can't tell you what they are right now. The third I am on the fence about, but just laying in bed reading and snoozing and reading some more was pure bliss.

I hate medicine.  Hate antibiotics.  Hate the way they make you feel and look and whenever I can do something in a more natural way, I  am happy. I am especially fond of oregano oil (google it and you will see I'm not just talking in a deluded illness sort of way) has tested just as well as antibiotics in clinical trials. It does make you smell like a felafel and the taste is not great, but you can disguise it in juice and gulp fast. Airborne, despite the claims that it does not work--works for me. Is it all in the mind? Maybe, but who cares if you get the great results.

3. Not having to do any work. 
In our house, we work 7 days a week (with lots of time for play, of course), but I have not done a lick of work for two days and it's lovely

4. Being babied.


Jeff Lyons said...


so sorry ur sick... :(

Oregano oil is amazing. It's saved my teeth!

The two killer oils are Thyme and Oregano. Together they kill almost everything. Especially if it comes from a Red State.

You have to dilute them in a fat like coconut oil or something... but they are amazing natural killers of bacteria AND viruses!

Get well...


Caroline said...

Thyme oil? I never heard of that. I will go get some, too. Before I discovered oregano oil, I was always laid up for at least two weeks with heavy doses of antibiotics, bronchial infection flaring into asthma--just deadly and dreadful. I didn't know about diluting them in a fat. I always just suck it down. But I bet the chocolate truffle I had afterwards counts!

Jeff Lyons said...


You just ate the oil plain? That's not physically possible!! This stuff is like acid!!! R U using pure oil (one of the best is ... believe it or not... the Mormons ... Young Essential Living (oils) makes the some of the puriest essential oils... that's what I use).

You usually have to dilute like two - 4 drips in a base oil and take it that way, otherwise you get burned.

Unless you eat it in capsules.

Thyme is the same... it's a "hot" oil... be careful!!!!


Gina Sorell said...

We are sick in our house too...I am winning the fight and my husband is down for the count!

I also swear by Oregano oil, and am always recommending it. I put a little in a shot glass of water and knock it back. Feel the burn.

My husband swears by Airborne.

I have been making soups and stews all weekend...always good for a cold.

Oh and this one is funny, but my whole family is a fan of the Hot Toddy...and they are not even drinkers. But a little heated orange juice and Whisky just before bed to sweat it all out is fantastic! And I think it's delicious...almost worth being sick for.

Feel better!

Cari said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Sandra Gulland. said...

I swear by Airborne too -- I don't care what "they" say.

Also: Cold F/X (Canadian) and St. Francis's Echanacia plus Golden Seal.

However, even chained to a bed, I doubt that I could ever read three novels in one day!

Cheers ... get well!


Caroline said...

Jeff, yep, it is just the regular oil. I just sock it down. It must be all those hot peppers I have ruined myself with, but I don't feel anything dangerous with it. And Cari (we share a fantabulous agent and I love Cari's blog Dogs Steal Yarn) how lovely to see you here.

Caroline said...

Crap, I cannot figure out out to delete the above comment. Cari's wonderful blog is Dispatches from Utopia, wrongly marked at another blog as Dogs Steal Yarn. Anyway, here it is:

Cari said...

No worries. Either blog name is right, in a way. It WAS Dogs Steal Yarn for years. Only changed recently when that didn't fit anymore. I'm glad you enjoy it!