Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Stressed about college applications? Or looking for a great read? Win a copy of Lacy Crawford's Early Decision

We're buried under college applications here, and the most helpful book on the planet for us is actually a novel: Early Decision by Lacy Crawford. A one-time college-essay whisperer, Lacy's novel gets at the price college-bound kids pay when their parents are a bit too helicopter, and when they aren't allowed to discover their own voice. But besides the excellent you-are-there advice, Early Decision is also a whip-smart novel about a young woman discovering her own path, even as she helps the college-bound discover theirs. 

To win a copy, simply post a comment! We'll be giving away two copies to the first two people who post!


GoGreen said...

Sounds great.


SkokieShopper said...

My son luckily never had to worry about early decision. He applied to two colleges and was accepted to both....Purdue was a wise choice!

Caroline Leavitt said...

Bonnie, please shoot me your email for a free book! carleavitt@hotmail.com Susan, did you want one, too?

Karen said...

I don't know if its too late for a copy but can't wait to read Early Decision. I loved reading your interview with her! Will definitely review and pass on to my book club! www.readingandeating.com

Karen Newfield