Saturday, March 23, 2013

Honors are more fun when you share them with friends: Publisher's Weekly Bestselling e-books of 2012 includes beloved pals Sarah McCoy, Jenna Blum, and more

Maybe not all of the writers I know are as insecure as I am. I wish this wasn't so, but if I get praise, I think: well, here it is, maybe, just maybe, I am an okay writer. If I get anything negative, I want to curl up into a pinpoint and stay there. But what is more wonderful than not only getting an honor but being able to share it with your peers? This week, Publishers Weekly listed their Bestselling E-Books of 2012, and not only was Pictures of You on there, but so were the books of my friends and many people I've interviewed here: Sara McCoy, Jenna Blum, Jodi Picoult, Jennifer Haigh, Cheryl Strayed (I reviewed Wild for People), and so many more.

So thank you, readers, for reading me and these other wonderful writers. My heart is huge and my appreciation is boundless.

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