Wednesday, December 3, 2008

More monkey business

When I was a kid I had these great wooden monkeys, which I, of course ignored and God knows what happened to them.  But recently, I  refound them for $12 a pair on Ebay!  Turns out they are famous little (and expensive, going elsewhere now at $200 a monkey) critters, designed by renowned artist Kaj Bojesen.  Who knew? 

Here they are hanging around on my hair and my sweater.

I'm a little giddy getting off off odious dial-up, but being off line gave me a huge chunk of time, and I just finished,  writing  2000 words. All of this makes me think I should NOT get online until my work is done, despite the siren song of email, facebook, twitter and gawker. It is an amazing feeling, doing that work today. 


Unknown said...

I'm not even going to ask what gawker is. I've already gotten roped into the others.

Cute monkeys! And GREAT deal on them!

Caroline said...

No, no you just read. Snarky news about media.