Tuesday, December 9, 2008


OK, I cheated and used the IMac photobooth program to create this snowy looking shot, but it sure FEELS like everything is covered in snow and ice this morning.  I'm headed to City Bakery for hot chocolate.  

We love city life! There was this incredible article in NY Mag about whether or not it was true that cities tend to breed loneliness, and the article found the opposite.  Cities breed community, and as one person said, "which is more lonely? Walking down a crowded, electric NYC street with all that culture booming around you or sitting on a porch in a tiny town  staring out at miles and miles of empty road."  Suburbs and tiny towns have more weird crime and are less diverse, which means less tolerance, too. (Yes, Sarah Palin, it's true)  I know some would differ so please feel free to chime in--and I have a friend who moved from the city to a small town and loves it (and we love her).  What can I say, I think it depends where you heart lies, and we are all city people and I feel like this is a great gift we are giving Max.


Clea Simon said...

I'm with you 100 percent! I don't know about the country, but suburbs breed conformity. I didn't feel like I could be myself - or find people who were like me - until I got to college in the city. I've never left, never want to!

A. said...

I wish more people would be open to this type of dialogue!

Though I didn't appreciate all the gossips/coffee clutch talk when I first moved to a tiny town, I now feel like I can be myself. Though, once my true self was 'out' most everyone wrote me off as 'weird' -- HA -- but I still get invited to plenty of outings, actually more so now than when I was trying to 'conform' to some standard I thought I had to meet in my younger days...growing older does have some advantages :)

Point being, it is a personal/heart thing -- when one has found contentment with ones-self, life anywhere can be fulfilling.

I love my small town, and 'country life', which is why (out of love) that I cannot glaze over the flaws of rural life...My soapbox is the 'plight' of women and children in rural America, so many of them get lost in the shuffle and never do find their wings.

I could go on and on with examples, but, a comment section is not the place for it :)

Great photo, by the way!

Caroline said...

Andrea, I find it fascinating that you live in a small town. Were you born in that area or did you start out as a city girl?

A. said...
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A. said...
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