Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Help, I'm trapped with a PC in dial-up

We are waiting for Cablevision to come here and fix the connection so we can use our beloved Macs. Right now, the only way I can get on line is with dreaded dial-up (go on facebook, take a shower, and by the time you are out, you can get on again) and my old Dell. I'm not happy about this at all, but at least I can still WRITE on my Mac.

The wonders of online is that in the space of two weeks I have discovered two other writers who share my beloved agent--which is wonderful and comforting. Without quick access, I feel so cut-off! I can't even post the photo I wanted to, which is of these two amazing teak monkeys I had as a kid which are now worth hundreds of dollars (but I am keeping them.) I have the name of the famous toy designer in my IMac which I cannot get!

And of course, this has all made me appreciate my Mac all the more. It's funny, but I always wanted one and was talked out of it years ago by a friend's boyfriend, then talked out of it again by a boyfriend--and now, hooray, horray, was encouraged by my husband! (And friends.)

It is hard to work waiting for the Big Fix! I finished a client's manuscript evaluation (love, love doing this, love it with a passion.) The script has another rewrite to go. The novel is now entering the "too much is written to turn back now" phase, where the honeymoon of the first chapter has given way to the anxiety about the midsection. Is it working? I worry so much that the main, driving idea is awful, but I have been obsessed with this particular idea for so long that I really want to make it work. I somehow cannot let go of it.

Here's to a speedy recovery of all systems.


Cari said...

You found TWO of us in two weeks? I know two other Gail clients, as well, though they don't blog. We should have t-shirts made up. We should start a band.

As for the lack of high-speed? Shudder....I couldn't deal. I do hope there is sufficient chocolate on hand to get you through.

Caroline said...

Oh yes, we should!

Caroline said...

Wait, I have more to say! I found you and Rebecca Flowers! I also know Jane Bernstein who is a wonderful writer. AND DIALUP IS GONE!!! I am back online! The only really good thing about it was I couldn't get on line so I had a big chunk of time to do nothing but write. 1600 words today! And I think they are...okay words!

Unknown said...

Forgot to tell you, Caroline, that I officially got myself a Macbook. I, too, was talked out of Macs several times in the past and now cannot understand why. I love it already! Thanks for the recommendation!

Cari said...

I know Emily Mitchell and Michael Cunningham.

We'd all make one hell of a band.

Caroline said...

We should do it. I cannot sing worth a note but I can dance sort of and I can play a little piano.