Monday, June 16, 2008

writing student successes!

For no other reason than I like it, I've attached a photo. On the right is the backdrop of the Empire State Building from Max's soccer field, and that isn't a UFO (wish it were) in the sky, but a very bright light.

One of the things that I do, which I adore, is to work with and help other writers. I teach novel writing at UCLA, I consult for them and for some agents and I mentor privately. This weekend, I found out one of my students got a bite from a fabulous agent who heard her read, and one was accepted to study in a prestigious program with Dorothy Allison. Of course the funny thing is while I can help other writers, I am always swimming without a life raft in my own work, unable to see what works and what doesn't without the help of my possee of readers and friends. Why is this, I wonder, and can I develop the tools I need so I can help myself more? Is it psychological? (I bet it is.) Can it be helped?

On another front, I wish I had a really cool knitting pattern for a sweater, but everything I see looks well...usual. I want hip! I want cool and asymmetrical! I want exotic yarn that doesn't itch and is in a deep, dark edgy color!

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Clea Simon said...

At the very least, I think there is a karmic benefit to all that you do and all you give. You help so many people, it's got to come back to you! xxx