Sunday, June 8, 2008

104 in the shade

Holy Moly. Does anyone out there like summer, and if so, can you tell me five reasons why?
Crankily, Caroline


Gina Sorell said...

Patios. And being able to sit on them late at night with a cool drink in my hand. Love it.

Gina Sorell said...

Oops that was just one reason...hmmm okay...2.)super early morning walks 3.) watching my niece and nephew run like maniacs through the sprinkler
4.)the excuse to eat frozen yogurt as a meal 5.) Sleeping with the windows wide open. 6.)!!!! Iced coffee..on a patio of course.

G :-)

Jeff Lyons said...


You can't ask that question because you are in New Jersey in the Summer. That's like a death row inmate asking if anyone likes alternating current... sitting down... with a priest present.


Caroline said...

It's 101 today and I'm in Manhattan with a friend. When is it going to be fall again?

Clea Simon said...

Come sit on my porch! It's shady, there's a breeze, and somewhere up in the big, old trees there's a cardinal going "wheet wheet wheet!"