Friday, June 27, 2008

In which I win something!

I won! I won! After all these years of buying lotto tickets and entering contests, I actually won something from Rebeccas Reads, and it's really something wonderful, too.

I won an author interview by Inside Scoop Live! Inside Scoop Live is committed to providing an opportunity for the author to present to the reading audience a channel to hear "the voice. My interview will be posted on Inside Scoop Live as well as iTunes and 30+ podcast directories. I will also be featured for a week and broadcast on Value: $125.00. I can wait for my new novel BREATHE to be out which might be a year away, or I can pitch GIRLS IN TROUBLE some more, which is still (oh thank you God) selling on Amazon and still getting reader reviews. (Hint, hint, every single review does count and you will be my friend for life for posting one.) Because I am impatient, I probably will do it now! (Are there enough exclamation points here/)

Is this cool or what? Now everyone can hear my raspy voice, which made my doctor insist I get my voice tested because hoarseness is a sign of cancer. Guess what? Turns out my vocal chords don't touch, and I could get rid of it by taking singing lessons. Do I want to? No, I do not. I like my distinctive voice.

And I even wrote four pages this morning. Maybe they're okay.


Gina Sorell said...

Congrats!! This is very exciting...NOW go and buy a lotto may be on a winning streak!

Just posted a great review for Girls on Amazon...wasn't hard...I LOVED the book!

Can't wait to hear your raspy interview!


Unknown said...

Congrats, Caroline! That's awesome! Looking forward to the interview.

And I posted reviews for a couple of your books last weekend. You've got quite a lot of them on there! And they're all wonderful, of course -- as they should be!


Caroline said...

oh THANK you both so much. It's an awful thing to ask people to do because it takes time and it can be annoying, but I so appreciate it. It really makes a difference to the publishers, and to how Amazon promotes you (or ignores you), so this is spectacular.