Thursday, June 19, 2008

Second Life Novels

Every novelist knows the drill. You put out a novel and pray for reviews, readers and a long shelf life, but that sometimes doesn't always happen. Or if it happens, it happens in the first six months and then fades away. But sometimes, books get a second wind, and when that happens--well, there's magic.

Elizabeth Rosner is a spectacular writer. Her first novel, THE SPEED OF LIGHT , about three people's (two grown children of holocaust survivors and a housekeeper who is the only living witness to her government's massacre of her Central American village) grappling with their pasts and struggling for a future, has been given a wondrous plug in the July issue of O (Oprah Magazine), thanks to the "bookshelf" of Gillian Anderson. (Elizabeth was just recently in London with Gillian to work on finalizing the film script for the novel's adaptation.)

This fabulous publicity, of course, makes it perfect and amazing timing for sales to skyrocket! However, Amazon says they are currently out of stock. But if everyone orders a copy anyway, this sends a very potent message to Amazon and to the publisher that copies of this 2003 novel are still in demand. Oh, and don't forget to write an Amazon review for this title as well.

Writing novels is a tough, sometimes lonely, and passionately satisfying job. To hear that a first novel from a few years ago now has a new life is extraordinary, don't you think?

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Clea Simon said...

I think it's wonderful! But in addition to writing Amazon, what is going on with her publisher? Has someone put this book out in paperback or - if not - are they planning to do so in time for the movie? Sounds like her agent should get on this, and FAST!