Friday, June 13, 2008

Read Months and Seasons

My friend and UCLA colleague Chris Meeks is also a great writer. And I'm not the only one to think so. The LA Times Book Review said of Chris's first book, The Middle Aged Man and the Sea, "The stories are poignant and wise, sympathetic to the everyday struggles these characters face." Entertainment Weekly raved, "A collection that is so stunning...that I could not help but move on to the next story."

In Chris' new collection, Months and Seasons, (you can see the great cover at the right), he deals with people grappling with the jolts of everyday (or not so everyday) life. From a supermodel who wakes up after heart surgery to find her inner and outer landscape changed to a Manhattanite who believes she's a chicken, these stories surprise, shock and deeply resonate.


Jeff Lyons said...


I'm sure he's a great writer (I'll check it out), but how does a relatively unknown writer get TWO books of short stories published these days? What publisher is willing to do that? I'm amazed.


Caroline said...

Jeff, the truly amazing thing is that Chris's books are print on demand--and they got those amazing reviews from EW and LA Times.

Jeff Lyons said...


Wow... he must be really good. Gotta read those now.

J :)