Tuesday, June 10, 2008

time on my hand question

In the middle of novel writing and script writing, I keep thinking that I need to change the look of this blog. Should I got all white? Or should I keep it as it is? I have to also overhaul my website very soon, which is going to be a royal pain, so I'm open to suggestions and my only criteria is I don't want it to look like everyone else's, too uber-polished without the quirky messiness which is me. So, if anyone is really, really helpful, I'll give them the other thing I like to paint, a ladder in the sky.


Jeff Lyons said...


We should talk... there are lots of web and blog templates out on the web you can cannibalize to design a killer site and blog. I do this for friends all the time...though I don't have time to design a site... I can point your nose to some cool tools and CSS design options.

So... let's talk...


Clea Simon said...

whatever you do, don't lose the lovely "Leavittown" photo!

Caroline said...

oh Gosh, NEVER. I love that old photograph. Re my website, (not my blog), I just wonder. Do you need to have all the links on the top or is it okay to have them running on the bottom? (People are smart enought to know they are there, right?)

Do I need a header that goes over every page to be consistent? (I really don't want to...)