Friday, July 24, 2009

Hoboken follies

I am obsessed with what is going on with our slime mold mayor. I warned people not to vote for him. He's slick, part of the machine, and devious, and Dawn Zimmer actually had more votes, but not enough to quite win, so there was a run-off. It's highly suspected that Cammerano stole the election, but what's worse is how he took bribes and was so corrupt as to be...well Sopranos material. Right now, everyone wants him to resign immediately. There's talk of rallies and protests, and I can't help but remember all the other times I made myself heard.

When Max was five, we took him to a Stop Bush rally, where he proudly wore a button. I've rallied for gay rights, women's rights to choose, to stop wars, and now I'm gearing up to stop our slime bucket mayor and get him out.

Without him, Hoboken could go back to being a great little city: urban, walkable, 7 minutes by Path into the heart of the Village, brownstones, shops, restaurants, writers, artists...

And me fighting for it.

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