Thursday, July 2, 2009

Good writing day followed by sloggy one

Some days, everything aligns. Yesterday was such a great writing day, so why am I surprised that today I have been staring at the page and wrote one sentence that I almost liked? The problem is I am at the stage in this first draft where the book is wildly out of control (but like a badly behaved child, I still adore it and hope it will grow up well.) My fingers feel tired. My brain feels tired. The couch in my office keeps whispering, come sleep.

They are building a sixplex a few blocks away, which is supposed to be open in August and all I can think is...this would be a perfect day for me to go and just move from theater to theater, watching everything in sight.

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io saturnalia! said...

Your fantasy reminds me of a summer I spent living outside Boston, when my sister and I would regularly walk down the street from our apartment for the quadruple feature (!) playing at the Somerville Theater. One time, the four movies included "Mad Max" and "The Road Warrior," and we were mildly afraid to cross the street.

Years later, while a student and really hating being in college, I would catch double features by myself at the now-defunct Amherst Cinema (I wasn't old enough to drink legally in a bar), and it was the best therapy. I even got to meet the great John Lithgow during a screening of "The World According to Garp."