Saturday, August 23, 2008

Save us from these books!

I hate this one, which helps kids deal with Mom's incessent need for plastic surgery. Let's see, can't you just see Mom musing, "Hmmmm, tummy tuck or making Johnny's lunch? Face lift or another game of Candyland?" Notice that the self-obsessed mother isn't really looking at her child!

Ok, this next one is a little unnerving. The title, Momma,Is Daddy Going to Hell? is offensive enough, but it turns out the reason why Dad might be heading for the Inferno is because he is a big fat cheater! What a nice message for the kids! I can't wait for the sequel, Daddy, is Momma the Devil's Spawn?

Can these titles be far behind?
Mommy's Been Drinking Again
Hooray, Daddy's Scored New Needles
Our Family Members are all Heathens!


Gina Sorell said...

Wow...these are terrifying! And the covers are appalling!

They remind me of a series of Evangelical movies of the week called..."Left Behind", about you guessed it...everyone who gets left behind on judgement myself:)


Clea Simon said...

these are just too weird. Do they tell the kids that Mommy is a strange, narcissistic freak or is the message that "Mommy just wants to look like a plastic Barbie doll"? Ick.

Unknown said...

I excitedly await "Hooray, Daddy's Scored New Needles." I think you've discovered a new talent, Caroline -- naming these terrifying books! :)