Thursday, August 14, 2008

Beauty is in the eye of the Mac beholder

Aren't these gorgeous? We are now the proud owners of two of them--a laptop and an Imac, and two ipod touches. Jeff's Dell laptop and desktop both died at the same hour (RIP) and since my Dell is only a year old, I have to soldier on. (Of course, I have all sorts of plans for splurging and getting a new Mac anyway, but that's a whole other issue.)

I seem to not have the regular female shopping gene for clothes or shoes (though a great lipgloss can sway me)> But put me in a store with any sort of technology and I want to shop for days.

There is something about beginning a new novel on a new computer that has its own kind of joy. It's got that hopefulness about it, as if you and the computer are beginning this journey together--I know this sounds insane a bit, but trust me, most novelists I know are indebted to their computers. It's a wonder we don't put them in the acknowledgement pages!

I now have twenty pages, and because we are off on vacation, I'm a little nervous. Will the fever sustain itself while I'm away? On the other hand, the beginning of any novel is always a wonderful time, because you're just dipping your toes in and the water is lovely. You haven't reach the thorny middle part when you realize you have 400 pages and none of it makes sense, and there isn't a dramatic question in any of your chapters.

Still, the thought of four days doing nothing but biking on the boardwalk, getting sugar shocked with fudge, playing mini golf and wasting--um, I mean, spending--lots of money in the arcades and staring at the ocean (I'm phobic about sharks and jelly fish and giant squid, so I stare and watch my son, who is fearless) is remarkably appealing.

Who knows, maybe when I come back, there will be my own shiny new Imac waiting for me!

PS, will the poster Fenway Fern please email me? Your post lets me know that we went to HS together and I want to know who you are!


Clea Simon said...

Oh, I love my iMac! I hope Jeff enjoys his and you can get one too. Are you off to someplace fun?

Kass said...

I gave up of my pc last summer after it being only 2 years old and to the shop more than a few times- the terror of losing my writing was real.

Im just mad I switched to a pc from an Apple in the first place. My first computer was an apple and I became proficient at it- then everyone kept going on about the pc's so I switched- MISTAKE.I would have bought Apple stock 10 years ago instead of Microsoft and Intel and would be living off the interest- instead I'm sunk but I have my beautiful iMac and iTouch!I LOVE both and today made a home movie. I also download books, which I never seem to have the time to read, and listen to them while Im cleaning, gardening or driving.

enjoy the va-ca !!

cfw123 said...

Being retired from IBM, and spending six years on assignment in Paris France to introduce the then new IBM PC into Europe, I've always been a PC person, keeping strictly up to date with the latest software such as Vista Ultimate which I bought on announcement day, as I did with Windows XP when it was announced five years earlier But my son came to visit me on my 82nd birthday, and brought his MacBookPro in order to show me how much better it was than a PC -- which I did not originally believe, but I do now. On his way to the airport, we stopped and he bought me a 24" iMac, which I now love very much -- it is as I now know, head and shoulders better than a PC, especially the Microsoft software which they took five years to produce, only to find out that people hated it. So now I have to unload all my PC gear, as I don't even want it around anymore. I was duped into thinking it was the best. And that's definitely NOT TRUE.

Caroline said...

CFW, I loved your post. I showed Jeff and said, "See? She is a believer, too." Happy 82nd birthday, too. I feel the same way you do. I see Jeff with his Mac and I am just waiting for one more check to come in and then I'm heading to the Apple store.