Friday, August 8, 2008

Let us now praise Backspace

Backspace is a wonderful organization online which supports writers (they also have a wonderful forum.) I just got back from the conference and I'm a little dazzled. The warmth and comradery of the writers there was incredible, and the dialogue we all had after the panel Leora Skolkin-Smith and I did, sparked discussions that continued out into the hall. As a panelist, I was completely thrilled, absolutely comfortable (I tend to be a bit nervous, to say the least) and the whole experience was filled with laughter. And as a writer, I thought the panels were great--really informative and great discussions. I definitely want to do it again, (the incomparably generous MJ Rose won an award for her service to other writers) and now I have my ebay new-with-tags Black rayon beaded dress to wear again to it!

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