Thursday, August 14, 2008

What in a name and V-A-C-A-TION!

Names in a novel are important. They define a character and they have to sound right, and feel right, and somehow lead to plot, too. Would an Adrienne cheat on her partner? Would a Nancy? Or what about a Neal? When I'm starting a novel, I go through a few names until I hit the ones that feel right--and sometimes, the right ones just appear. Almost all the time, they aren't names I would actually name a child of my own, but they somehow fit the character, which of course, is what you want.

The Baby Name Countdown from Da Capo is an excellent book for parents to be, but it's also a gem for novelists. It's columns and columns (140,000 names, actually) of wonderful, earth shattering, funny, moving, compassionate, angry, mean, loving NAMES. (But really, do you really want to name your kid DEMONIKA?)

I'm off on vacation from Monday to Thursday, and sans computer, so No new blog posts until I come back happy, rested and ready to write again.


Jeff Lyons said...


Have wonderful vacation. Know that giant squid will not be hunting for you and you come home to a new MAC. How better can life get?

Ok... so, you could sell your new book and get a movie deal...

... talk when u get back.

J :)

Gina Sorell said...

Have a great vacation Caroline!!

Rest, relax, eat yummy treats, dream about your novel and return home to a big giant royalty check that you can spend on a new MAC!!

G :)