Saturday, August 9, 2008

What the hell is wrong with John Edwards?

Let me count the ways.
1. Hypocrite
2. Moron who might as well hand the election over to the Republicans who will have a field day
3. Moron who can't keep it in his pants
4. Lying idiot

His attitude reminds me of Roman Polanski, who, in the brilliant documentary WANTED AND DESIRED very matter of factly discusses his love for young girls and his insistence that he has done othing wrong. There's the whiff that because he's such a brilliant (and I do believe he is brilliant. He's one of my favorite filmmakers of all times) director, he's allowed special privileges, no matter whom he damages.

I admit that all things considered, I care less about someone's sexual dalliances than I do about people like Bush, Rove et al screwing the country with shady politics and a disatrous war. But given the moralistic climate of our country, this is just a stupid act.

I am also irritated with Edwards wife who should really show him the door and then lock it with a 90 pound deadbolt.

But wait, there's more! I feel like Ed Anger from the old Weekly World News, but I'm highly irritated with both Clintons, because they both seem as though, once again, they are hoping for a democratic lose, so that Hillary can run again in four years.

Don't you all feel that these politicians are five years old?

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