Sunday, August 17, 2014

Meet my new website

Not only am I novelist, a book critic and an online novel writing teacher, I'm also a freelance manuscript consultant. Got an unwieldy huge mess of a novel and you can't figure out why the center isn't holding? I can help.  I've been doing this kind of work for years, and I love it.

Please find out more at my brand new website, designed by the writer Gina Sorell.

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Unknown said...

Having a website is a good way to show your work and for people to contact you for questions and potential projects. Being a manuscript consultant should be in high demand these days. Novelists do have to know what's missing in their novel before passing it to publishers, right? Your website looks to be doing its job in telling who you are, what you do, and how people can contact you, so I hope it achieves its purpose of driving more clients your way. Good luck!

Darin Norman @ Nova Techonology Partners