Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Feed Me Anthology is out!

I am thrilled that Harriet Brown's wonderful anthology, about women, power and food,  Feed Me is now out.  My essay, The Grief Diet, which was called "chilling" and singled out by Booklist and PW, is in it. (Psst, all you have to do is google and you can read it online!) But the whole anthology is wonderful and important (and paperback for those of you worried about money) and all about the relationship between toxic control and diet and food. 

I am struggling with my novel, working so hard on my scripts that my fingers feel like they are about to bleed.  I now know and like a few producers, but I want something to happen!  


Jeff Lyons said...


Congrats! Great news.

Just count all your fingers and toes after meeting with those producers; likable or not.


Clea Simon said...

Yay! I need to order my copy now!

Cindy said...

Oh I want to read Feed Me!
How excellent, Im going to google you now so I can read your essay.

The books, screenplays...I hear you. Im ready for success!


Leora Skolkin-Smith said...

congrats, dear Caroline!

Gina Sorell said...


Lola said...

'something' is happening! it just is!:)