Friday, January 2, 2009


Ugh, being sick is no fun, but we did stay up last night watching the Twilight Zone Marathon, followed by the Honeymooner's Marathon, which gave birth to an illness dream. I think something has unlocked within me, because this particular dream has always been a recurring dream (too personal to go into) but instead of ending the way it always does, it ended this time with me empowered!  

It's gray and cold outside, I'm writing and thinking of cooking (homemade bread and soup)  and I have to admit I have a really good feeling about this year.  My sister just gave me this amazing gift.  This exquisite handmade necklace with these tiny sterling silver circles with the name of Jeff and Max etched in the center, so I can wear them close to me all day long.  A perfect gift from a perfect sister and a constant reminder how lucky I feel and how very, very grateful.


Jeff Lyons said...


Soup and bread! Homemade! I'm there.

If you think you get away with not telling me about the dream later, think again. :)

I have one about being in the WGAw and discovering it's actually SAG and the East Coast faction raids our West Coast meeting and they are all brain eating zombies who look like Richard Masur (former head of NY SAG). It ends with a bad three year contract and lots of blood on the floor.

J :(

Caroline said...

Oh God, your dream has mine beat, Jeff! I'll email you the dream now.

Lola said...

YUm! I am making soup too!
Necklace also YUm!

Speaking of dreams, Haven Kimmel's latest, Iodine, is driving me nuts and back and then nuts again. The other night I had a dream that the bowl of jellybeans was ringing like an old-fashioned more Iodine before bed!
hope you are better!

Jessica Keener said...

Wow. These are two powerful gifts for the New Year--a dream, reshaped, and a custom necklace about love. Wonderful for you. Jessica