Friday, January 30, 2009


Waiting is hard, hard, hard.  Breathe will be out from Algonquin in 2010, Spring.  So, while I wait, so I won't chew off my own hands in anxiety, I am writing a script for the novel and I am 200 pages into a new novel, with another on the back burner, and I have hit a snag.  Okay, more than a snag.  A dark-night-of-the-soul.  I have that wonderful John Irving quote--see a few blog posts below--on my wall, to help me and I have just discovered that a character I thought was going to be gone early on, needs to come back.  But how to do it so it feels real???


Jeff Lyons said...


How to do it and make it real? Two solutions:

1. have the character return by having him wake up from a dream where he thought he disappeared but not really because the whole thing is a dream.


2. the Hollywood solution: turn everyone into robots and have him come back as an upgraded model with the same face as the old one.

Problem solved. Thank me later.

J :)

Cindy said...

Send me what you've got and I'll give you a brilliant solution.


Clea Simon said...

How was he gone - did he die? If so, uh, rewrite his disease and put him into remission? Can you maybe split him into two characters so the part of him that leaves, leaves, but there's another part who is a diff. character who stays?

I have faith that you will do this, but how frustrating. 200 pages though! Wow!

Unknown said...

Caroline, as I try to start the next draft of my novel, I understand perfectly what you are feeling right now. I hope you find a solution for your character problem soon. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

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