Monday, January 5, 2009

PW loves Feed Me (and my essay The Grief Diet)

Good reviews are like adrenaline.  They make you want to write more and better. And I am thrilled to report that PW gave Feed Me, Harriet Brown's great anthology on women and food a great review, and my friend Rochelle Shapiro was singled out for her excellent piece, and so was I for The Grief Diet!  They said :

Those essays involving eating disorders, including Caroline Leavitt’s moving account, are thoughtful and well-written.

I loved getting a shout-out and I owe the reviewer deep thanks for such a kind review.  Now I want to go write and write and write.


Clea Simon said...


And well earned. Congratulations!

Jeff Lyons said...


Congrats on the recognition... it's life's blood isn't it... :)


Jessica Keener said...

Congratulations! and that line: "hollow little fist of grief"--punched me in the stomach. Terrific!


Gina Sorell said...

Congratulations Caroline!!

DeAnna Cameron said...

Hi, Caroline!
I usually lurk instead of post, but I wanted to let you know that I've given you a Premio Dardos award on my writing blog because you are in my top 15 must-read blogs. You can check out more at if you're interested.
Take care,

Caroline said...

Deanna! Thank you! Going right over there!

Unknown said...

Stop devouring these doughnuts and sweet pies! You are ruining your future! But I know, how to lose weight!