Wednesday, February 8, 2017

New York Times Bestselling author Miranda Beverly-Whittemore talks about the paperback addition of June (just out!), being a mom and so much more

I told you she had a gorgeous family, didn't I?

The sublime paperback cover

The sublime author

I had the best time one day walking around Central Park talking to New York Times Bestselling and critically acclaimed author Miranda  Beverly Whittemore about writing, life, kids, publishing, ourselves. She's the loveliest person, with the most wonderful family, and truthfully, I'm honored to know her AND to post about her ravishing novel JUNE, which is now in paperback. 

Miranda is also the author of the Effects of Life, Bittersweet, and you really need to buy all of them to keep in your Miranda library! 

Thanks for being here, Miranda! And for everything

For me, having a baby made me more creative. It really did. Has this been the case for you? Has your world view changed with this second child?

My daughter was someone the three of us desperately wanted- and it took a long time for her to show up (there's almost eight years between my children)! So having baby number two has taught me an enormous amount of patience. 

There is nothing like falling in love with a baby, so on one hand, I'm very much centered in that delicious hormonal rush of love, and on the other hand, given our current political climate, it's been a really hard time to have a new baby- especially a daughter- come into the world. I'm so fearful for her future- for the planet we are leaving for her, the bigotry being exposed in our midst. I'm trying to focus on giving her and my son love and hope and joy, which I do believe are active forms of resistance, and which fuel me to action on their behalf. 

As for writing, I'm very much still in mommy-brain mode, but I have a few new novel ideas that I'm excited about. And in the meantime, I'm writing a long-form essay about the long journey towards her joining our family, which has been therapeutic and thought provoking, though not necessarily what I'd call fun. 

How do you find the time to work and be a new mom?

It's all about grabbing bits of time when you get them. Baby is happily playing alone? You take the five minutes to scribble an idea down. You've got an hour of childcare? Put your fingers to the keyboard and don't lift them until the timer goes off. In the two years after my son was born, I was more productive than I'd ever been up until that point, because I no longer had an excuse not to be working when I was given the chance. 

Do you feel differently about having a paperback come out that you did your hardback? Why or why not?

It's definitely a different kind of excitement. In the case of June, I'm thrilled that it's got a sexy new cover, and filled with all kinds of new goodies-- a Q & A with me, a recipe guide, a book guide that I enjoyed writing-- which I hope will appeal, especially, to book groups. And there's less pressure with the paperback, because the book has already made its mark in the world. I'm always a mess before hardcover publication, but, at least so far, I seem to be faring okay (that could just be the sleep deprivation talking). 

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