Saturday, March 14, 2015

Because a vegan writer has to eat: Chicago Vegan Foods MARSHMALLOWS!

Ah, my second entry into Because a Vegan Writer Has To Eat.

I know, I know. I put up two photos of the vegan marshmallows, but that's not a mistake. It's because I am totally addicted to them. I wander around thinking, "Can I have two more? Or is six enough?"

Chicago Vegan Foods uses no dairy, so soy, nothing harmful to animals or humans. They also make a delicious vegan cheese called Teese, which melts like crazy, and acts and tastes just like the real thing.

And now to wax rhapsodic about the marshmallows some more...They're gluten and peanut-free, non genetically modified, and air-puffed, and they melt and create Jackson Pollack masterpieces in your hot chocolate.

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