Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I am in NEWSWEEK!!!

I am dazzled and thrilled to report that Pictures of You is featured in this weeks NEWSWEEK, a full quarter page as part of Jodi Picoult's picks in Bookbag. I had no idea and found this while lazily googling. It's Tina Brown's inaugural issue and it was picked up by The Daily Beast and EarlyWorld! (Scroll down for the story!)


Robby said...

The picture will not show up on my darn computer, but- congratulations. You and this book earn the world and more.

a gracious plenty said...

congratulations on the newsweek plug. i just finished pictures of you and thoroughly enjoyed it. i am recommending it to others. i loved the characters and how they dealt with the situations you placed them in. i really appreciate how you wrote their flaws as clearly as you wrote their strengths.
i look forward to reading another leavitt book! (i'm going to check out sing you home too bc of your interview here with picoult.)