Friday, July 9, 2010

Welcome to the cowboy boots and beaded sweater tour!

I'm so excited to be going on tour (seven cities! I'll post details on my website as I have them!) that I decided I really need a new good luck charm, and what's better than red cowboy boots to go along with my collection of vintage beaded sweaters? I'm even happier that I found these boots at Heavenly Metal, a store owned and run by Vicki Honeyman, a person I used to know when I went to school in Ann Arbor. She used to run the Film Festival there and now she runs this unique store. I'm going to be touring to Ann Arbor, which means I get to see her store--and her-- for real!


Cari said...

Please please PLEASE say you're coming to Portland so we can finally meet in the real world. (and because Portland is awesome and Powell's mighty)

Caroline said...

I just go gratefully wherever they send me! So far it's just half the country, but if I get to Portland, I'm taking you to dinner!! ANd I want to meet your kids!