Saturday, July 10, 2010

Gmail Hacked!!Apologies to all

My gmail was hacked and I believe everyone on my list got an annoying spam about Viagra this morning. I apologize profusely! I changed my password and now I just have to walk the spam-walk-of-shame for a while until I am forgiven. Sigh. What is the point? Do the spammers really think they are going to get business this way or are they just evil?


Katharine Weber said...

Does this mean you are not fulfilling my order for all that Viagra? And the Western Union money order I sent you in London, what about that?

Don't worry about it, I am about to become a multimillionaire because a lot of really helpful people in Nigeria have been writing me -- me! they selected me, even though as they said it might have come as a surprise to be enlisted in this confidential enterprise -- about ways I can help them out. They are all so generous! So I am going to get a share of the money, several million dollars, for my efforts, for each transaction. (But don't tell anyone. It's all highly confidential.)

Caroline said...

Ha! No, no, the Viagra is coming and I am going to use the money order, (thank you, it was so terrible to be robbed in London!)

xxx C