Friday, July 2, 2010

London Fogged

I admit I am jet lagged. London was insanely expensive ($40 for a croissant, juice and fruit for breakfast!) and completely wonderful. Imagine a city where people read on the tube rather than plug into their i-pods! The photo on the left, smaller than I would like, is of we three fools pretending to be the Beatles on Abbey Road.

But what was most wondrous about going away was not having email or phones or work or not even time or room for anything in my head except everything we were seeing, smelling, tasting or touching.

We're home now, and my novel is stretching, yawning and waking up again, and so am I.


Cari said...

Welcome home! Glad to have you back.

Nick Belardes said...

I agree. That photo is way too small. Can't believe a croissant costs so much in England... That must be about a $20 piece of bread!