Thursday, August 12, 2010

Welcome to writerland

Writing a novel is hallucinatory. You get deep enough into the work and the two worlds--the fictional world and the real one--start to blur. I admit it's a state I love. I'm caught between beginning to promote my new novel, Pictures of You, which is exciting and thrilling, and writing my new novel, tentatively titled The Missing One. I'm carrying two sets of characters in my head all the time, and they are talking, talking, talking.

But in between life goes on. My niece is having twins! My mother is moving from our family home to live near my sister, which feels sad and strange and the right thing to do. My friend adopted an adorable five-year-old boy! As for me, I'm taking a break and hitting the beach for a few days, and I hope my characters don't want to pack too much baggage.

See you in awhile, crocodiles.

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