Thursday, July 10, 2008

Contract Joy

I just received the contract from blessed Algonquin for my novel BREATHE. This is momentous because it means that all those snakelike worries (Will they change their mind? Is this really happening? Will something go wrong?) are now burrowing back in the grass where they belong. I know I've written and published a lot, but each time is brand new. Each time has its own perils and anxieties, and I have never reached a point where I take it all for granted. (Actually, I hope I never do.)

I admit it. This makes it really real for me. I am staring at the contract with pure and unabashed joy.


Jeff Lyons said...


Congrats again. I share your unabashedness!


Clea Simon said...

Oh that's WONDERFUL!

I totally share your anxiety and hope to share this particular joy sometime again in the future. In the meantime, let's turn up the hifi and dance! And eat chocolate! And tonight, I bet you'll be able to sleep.


Gina Sorell said...

FABULOUS!!! I understand the relief of "knowing it's real!" My fear was always that I would show up on set and they would be like..."What? Oh no, not her, she's not the one I meant...the other Gina, that's who I wanted." And yes this has happened.But not to me. And not to YOU!!! Yipppeeee!! Celebrate...with sleep.

Kass said...

Congrats Caroline!!!

Its so nice to read that repeatedly successful authors have the same feeling in their head that us new authors do-Will they change their mind? of course they will change their mind. They weren't thinking rationally when they chose the essay/ article. They want to reneg.

Bravo, keep staring at the contract and smile. You did it and they like you- as Sally Fields said-" You like me , you really like me" when she won her Oscar.

Caroline said...

Thank you all. I am so amazed, and though I am sure the anxiety will start up again, I am really just pushing it away for at least a few weeks!

Leora Skolkin-Smith said...

congratulations, Caroline!

Dan Champion said...

Caroline - I just wanted to add my congratulations. I'll take the opportunity to say again how much help you were to me in your UCLA novel classes.