Sunday, July 6, 2008

Read this twice and call me in the morning

This is a wonderful interview about writing. Ann Patchett and Elizabeth McCracken talk about the writing process, success, friendship between writers, and all the etcs. It made me feel really terrific to read it because they address, answer and joke about every single worry that is sharking around me these days as I dunk into my newest novel.

But, I didn't really mean to read it twice OR to call me in the morning. At least not until after nine.


Jeff Lyons said...


Oh my gosh...what an incredible interview! I'll have to read it another couple times...there's so much.

Thanx for posting this... huge.

Sadly I'll never be a real writer, I don't have a visual dictionary (and anin't getin' one) and I don't have kids (and ain't havin' one).

Oh well....


Clea Simon said...

ditto, ditto - but welcome back!