Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The boy is twelve

The photo is of FRED, not my son MAX. Fred is the YouTube hero of my son, though, and for Max's 12th birthday, coming up tomorrow, and celebrated this weekend, we really want to try and get him a Happy Birthday email from Fred, this YouTube character, but I've tried every email for Fred I can find and I even scoured Facebook and MySpace and wrote to him, there--alas, no luck, no response, no nada. Fred, in case, you don't know, is this 15 (I think) year old kid from Nebraska who puts the voice of a hyperactive six-year-old in his mouth. He's some sort of sensation and has been on CNN because of the millions of hits on his videos. And if you find a way to get to him and there is a response, the prize is 4 (count 'em) watercolors.

We haven't done this since Max was 7 and was addicted to Who Wants to Be A Millionaire. We managed to get a hold of Regis and he sent Max an autographed photograph that said, "Max, Someday YOU will be a millionaire! Happy Birthday!"

Sigh. If anyone knows Fred....

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