Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy holidaze

On the left is the ad that got me in trouble when I was 11. I saw it in a comic and because I wanted that miniature monkey (who wouldn't?) I sent away. Two weeks later, twenty five boxes of greeting cards showed up at the post office. My father refused them and sent them back and another week later, I received a registered letter from a lawyer threatening legal action for my "breach of contract." I cried and wouldn't tell my parents, but I finally did and my father got on the phone and said the magic words, "She's eleven."
Damn. I so wanted that monkey.
I also fell prey to the Sea Monkey scam, expecting them to do tricks like the ad showed, but alas, brine shrimp are brine shrimp.
Off to a craft festival (earrings! earrings!) and the home to read Margot Livesey's newest.
See you later, alligators.


Jeff Lyons said...


Monkey smonkey... Hey, but I've got this bridge in Brooklyn...


Gina Sorell said...

Who wouldn't want a mini monkey?

Although, come to think of it, after nearly having my hair ripped out by a mad monkey that got loose on a kids show I was shooting...mmm...maybe not.

Caroline said...

Well, I studied primatology in college, and after reading Nim Chimsky (a great book), I know how monkeys, mini or not, make terrible pets! Especially when they hit puberty. They have a bite which can take a fist sized piece out of your face and a nasty temper, too.

But hey, I was a kid...

Clea Simon said...

And that picture is ADORABLE!

A monkey stole my glasses last time I was in Bali. A fruit vendor got them back by bribing the monkey with a banana, and so I (of course) amply rewarded the vendor. Considering it all part of the adventure (not to mentiona way to support the local economy), we all made out well. But for a few minutes there, when I was sort of stunned and blind, it was pretty scary.